Duncan was born on March 5th, 1993 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was born into a family of Entertainers, including his great uncle “Don Warden” who was a country music performer and long time manager of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton. As well as his cousin “Pfeifer Brown” - Singer from American Idol, and star of the Warner Brother’s film “The Gallows.” He first started his career at the age of three in the multi award winning music video “World’s Apart” by Country Music singer, and fellow Oklahoman “Vince Gill.” While growing up in an extremely abusive home, Duncan was able to find an escape through acting by deeply developing every character he would play. He worked most of his childhood in commercials, film and TV. He had the opportunity to travel and sing all over the country and perform with artists, such as Kristin Chenoweth and Kelli O’Hara. At the age of 10 he started being seen more in live stage productions at different regional theatres in the Midwest.


            As Duncan grew older, his personal struggles continued, as did the tension in his family and spiritual life. He continued to work as an actor, singer and dancer as well as being in school and beginning to direct and choreograph for different theatres, films, music videos and commercials. He moved out of his parent’s house completely by the age of 16 and started planning for his future and college years. Freshman year of college, he went to Baldwin-Wallace University and Conservatory pursuing a B.M in Music Theatre. He ended up finishing his degree at the University of Central Oklahoma while continue to travel, working on different projects across the Country. He finally moved full time out to Los Angeles to further pursue his career. As life went on, more challenges came with complications in Family issues, many people in his life passing away, challenging relationships, anxiety issues and many other health complications. As this season of transition hit Duncan’s life, his intentions began to change. He chose to move back home to Oklahoma for a time and pursue some different talents and avenues of life.


            Soon after moving back to Oklahoma, he wrote his first book “Let go my soul.” A new project that Duncan heads titled “The Millennial Mission” was launched. He began speaking at different colleges, churches and self-discovery seminars across the country inspiring people with his story of overcoming. He has released several spoken word poems online and continues to work in different communities and speak at events, in order to help people look at life from new perspectives, challenge people’s dreams and inspire generations of people to always keep moving forward no matter what they face. Duncan now lives back in LA and he not only works as an entertainer but is involved in many different industries including continuing to perform, write, inspirational speaking, sales, teaching, as well as spiritual, financial, and life coaching. Duncan now has the opportunity to live his dream and travel the world continuing to do the wide variety of things that he loves.