"He is like a new age Jame's Dean." - Regina Rose

"Duncan is like a mix between Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Gosling except far more talented. He brings such depth, empathy, understanding and expression to the characters he plays."

- Lauren Greyson (Producer)


"Duncan Barrett Brown plays a range of diverse characters and is spot-on every moment he's onstage."

-Larry Laneer

from Oklahoma Gazette for LUCKY STIFF


"That boyfriend, Dewey, is hilariously played by Duncan Barrett Brown. And Brown also plays Kyle the UPS guy – another role that had the audience roaring with laughter"


"Duncan Barrett Brown is one, if not the most gifted, disciplined actors I have ever trained. Plus he's the kind of person that you want to work with...always a professional and more! Truly a kind soul."

- Diane Christiansen (Top LA acting coach)


"Duncan Barrett Brown is filled with a good mix of youthful cluelessness and adult awareness as Dennis"

- John Brandenburg, For The Oklahoman for KINDNESS


"Duncan Barrett Brown's one man cabaret "The Roads I Didn't Take" was one of the top three performances I have ever seen in the state of Oklahoma"

- JP (Regional Comedian) for THE ROADS I DIDN'T TAKE


"Other standout performances come from ... Duncan Barrett Brown as Reinhold" 

-Rodney L. Benston

from Sun News for SPRING AWAKENING


"Duncan Barrett Brown brings an earnest charm and stage presence to the role of Kyle, the well-defined UPS man who pitty-pats Paulette's pulse. - DanHagen for LEGALLY BLONDE


"Duncan Barrett Brown, Jess Nicolls and Danielle Gendron bring cohesiveness and humor to their supporting roles".  

” Elizabeth Hurd for LUCKY STIFF


"Brown and Altshuler solidly sold the tricky duet “Sing” in the first act. Brown gave us a strong Al "

 NewsOK (Anna Holloway) for A CHORUS LINE


"Dennis, played with a solid subtlety by Duncan Barrett Brown, is also Maryanne's primary caregiver, responsible for helping her with medication and mobility. Brown's Dennis is torn between rage, grief, and hormones”all of it underplayed and believable.

- NewsOK (Anna Holloway) for KINDNESS 


"The ensemble stays even and steady....and is truly magnificent."

- Jay Prock

for BroadwayWorld for SIDE SHOW



"Duncan is such a remarkable person! He truly inspires me to be a better version of myself." - Kristan C.


"Mind blown! That was so awesome, I gotta go back and write down some of your lines and place them on sticky's! Wow, just keep up the good work. You are destined for greatness Sir!” - Lisa Alexander

"You are being prepared for something big Duncan. Thank you for being so bold and brave and sharing your life." - Brittni Davis



"Powerful story! Thank you for sharing! So excited for you as you step into all that God has called you to!" - Julie Hodgen



"Duncan Barrett Brown is perhaps one of the most remarkable men I know. This is a guy who says he wants to do something and then DOES IT. He has fought and won battle after battle and has come out stronger every time. He has accomplished so much for his age and it is my great honor to call him a friend." - Phylicia Pearl



"Inspirational! Continue the great work!" - Diane Richardson



"Thank you for sharing so much with so many. You are making a difference!" - Shawna Link



"I have always believed that Duncan was a phenomenal person, a great inspiration, and HUGELY talented. I am so incredibly proud of him in this moment not only for rising above all that he has gone through, but for becoming the amazing, strong, loving man that he has become!! Duncan is amazing!!!" - Marvena Davis



"Duncan, you are so incredibly inspiring! I love this journey you have found yourself on. This is what the world needs right now. To rise above the hate and pain and learn to love and be loved. God is definitely working in you and through you to share not only your story but His love and His story as well." - Kristin Capps



"God bless you Duncan! You are already changing the world!" - Lindsey Stucks



 If everyone could bring themselves to be this transparent and genuine, we wouldn't have all the problems we see in the world today." - Tanner Blake


"You are the best. This is a testimony of how a person can overcome by the power of God in their life. So many lost and hurting people need hope. God gave you the avenue of hope to help. You are the best." - Audrey Hamilton



"Duncan has been given a special gift from God to inspire, encourage, and teach others." - Ashley Liebman